My name is Natalie Schneckloth and welcome to Midwest Homeschool! _MG_5251

I am a wife and mother to my three beautiful children (whom you’ll come to know in my blog by their nicknames – Sweetie, Buddy, and Bubba). I started my homeschool journey when I was in kindergarten. My mother homeschooled our family until I was in fourth grade and those were the happiest years of learning and living that I can remember. In fifth grade I moved on to a private school and then onto public high school. While there were many positives with both private and public schooling, there were also more negatives in my experience (especially in the public arena) and so I decided in my senior year of high school that when I had children of my own I would do all I could to give them the best education from home as long as I could, just like my mom did for me.

In my senior year of high school I also began working for a college financial planner as his right hand assistant. Together we helped dozens of students in our area every year go through the college process from beginning to end. We helped them determine which schools were the right schools, assisted them in the application and financial aid processes,  and aided them in receiving the best financial aid package each school had to offer. It was a very rewarding  job and I learned many invaluable lessons from it over the 5+ years I worked with the company.

Jumping ahead to today – I’ve been a homeschool mother for the past 7 years. I am the lead coordinator of our local homschool co-op and I love encouraging moms, new to the process or somewhere in the middle, in their homeschool endeavors. This spring I began sharing with the local homeschool high school community my knowledge on the college application and financial aid process – and this summer I am honored to be guest speaking at the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators 2017 conference about this very same topic.

I opened this website in ambition of not only sharing our personal homeschool experiences, but providing hope, encouragement, resources and ideas to affirm your current path and help you continue to find your way on your homeschool journey.
I hope you will enjoy sharing in our Midwest Homeschool adventures, find a plethora of helpful information on how to get started home educating, field trip ideas, how to form a curriculum on a dime, information on the college process and so much more.

Thank you for stepping in to our Midwest Homeschool!




To contact Natalie with your questions or to inquire about possibly speaking with your group or organization – email midwesthomeschool@yahoo.com .